Filing a Complaint

Any complaints alleging that a student, faculty member, or an employee has been the victim of sexual or gender-based harassment and misconduct, perpetrated by an employee, a student, faculty member, or a third party, is reported to the Title IX Coordinator for the University. As such, she is the designated coordinator for compliance with this policy.

Community members should be advised that the Title IX Coordinator is obligated to conduct an initial inquiry on any report of alleged misconduct. The University does not limit the timeframe for filing a report of misconduct. Reports can be submitted at any time following an incident, although the University’s ability to take action may be negatively affected by the length of time between the alleged incident and the report.

The Title IX Coordinator will either act as the complaint coordinator or appoint a complaint coordinator. The complaint process begins when a complainant meets with the complaint coordinator. Together, this student and the coordinator will review information and expectations of the complaint process.

If a formal complaint has been filed against a student, that student becomes the respondent. The respondent will be contacted by the complaint coordinator and informed of the complaint. The respondent, together with the coordinator, will review the same information and expectations that were shared with the complainant, and both the complainant and respondent may select an advisor of their choice to assist them during the complaint process.

Both the complainant and respondent will be asked to provide a statement to an investigator about their participation and perspective on the incident in question.

The complaint coordinator will remain available to answer questions by the complainant and respondent about the complaint process.

For more information, please see your Options to Report Sexual Violence.