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Summer 2020 Writing Tutoring FAQ Information Sheet


When is writing tutoring available?

Writing support with a professional tutor for any subject is available from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday. We will work with you to get a session, but please allow 48 hours for turnaround (Monday through Friday).

 What kinds of sessions are available? How do I do a writing session online?

 For writing, you can choose a Zoom video conference or for a tutor to give you focused comments in the margins of your paper in an asynchronous format, meaning we will return your comments to your Jefferson email after the tutor works on your paper. In Zoom, you can share the document with your tutor and work on it together.

How do I choose between asynchronous comments and Zoom video?

For both Zoom video conferences and asynchronous feedback, our goal is to give you skills to become a stronger writer. We recommend you revise based on our feedback early and give yourself the opportunity to resubmit your papers for tutoring to see how the papers and your writing evolve over time.

Video conferences are best if you want an appointment for early on in the writing process, as a tutor can help you with brainstorming and outlining. Video conferences are also best for discussing whether or not you feel you’re on the right track or you feel stuck with a draft because we find the conversation is key to a successful tutoring session in these cases.

While we can also make comments on the writing process in our emailed comments, asynchronous appointments are best when you want feedback on the big picture, as well as checking organization of ideas, citation style, and overall polish.

How do I set up an appointment? 

For all writing appointments, please contact Lauren-Elise Kadel with details about whether you are looking for asynchronous online feedback via email or a Zoom video conference, along with the course you are working on, and she will set you up with one of our nine professional tutors.

Please allow up to 48 hours during regular business hours for asynchronous feedback. If you choose a Zoom session, Lauren will respond with some times the tutors are available within two business days. At the start of your appointment time, you will get an email to your Jefferson account with a link to start your session.   

What else do I need to prepare? 

For online asynchronous appointments, we also ask that you attach your draft as a Word document and anything that will help guide your tutor, like an assignment description, prompt, or rubric that your professor gave you. If there’s anything you’re particularly concerned about, like organization, using evidence, including citations, or transitioning between ideas, you can include that information to further guide your tutor’s feedback.

What if I want more structured support?

For those interested in continued writing support, we can also set up repeating weekly appointments with the same tutor so you have time dedicated just to your writing. If you are a frequent user of our services, if you are working on a longer project, or if you have many courses requiring papers, this is a good option for you. 

The Writing Assistance Program at Jefferson’s East Falls campus strives to create a welcoming, accessible environment where students can come to receive individualized writing instruction in engaging tutoring sessions. Our trained, professional writing tutors assist Jefferson undergraduate and graduate students with writing assignments for any course, at any stage of the writing process.

The Writing Assistance Program envisions tutoring as a process of empowerment; we aim to help you succeed independently as a writer by developing a long-term, complex skill set. In other words, we want to help make you a better writer for life, not just for one assignment.

Have questions?  Check out our FAQ for faculty and for students.



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