Requirements and Restrictions

Philadelphia University is an "open" campus, so we will always do our best here to make sure we can accept as many students as possible. The #1 reason why an NSE applicant is rejected is because they need courses we cannot access.  PLEASE read all of the requirements and restrictions below.  The more flexible you can be in the courses you select, the easier things will be for both of us.  Thanks for considering PhilaU as your exchange destination.

This information applies to for all NSE exchangers.

  • PhilaU participates in NSE Plan B only
  • You must maintain a GPA of 2.5 at your home institution
  • You MUST have a declared major at your home school. Sorry, we cannot accept undeclared/general studies students
  • You MUST have a qualifying health insurance plan, or purchase the PhilaU Student Health Insurance Plan
  • Graduate programs are all CLOSED
  • Combined B.S./M.S. programs are all CLOSED
  • Continuing and Professional Studies programs are all CLOSED
  • Online and Evening programs are all CLOSED
  • Undergraduate Physician Assistant courses are OPEN; all other components of the Physician Assistant program are CLOSED.
  • PhilaU will only accept Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape Architecture exchange students from accredited institutions.  Portfolio review is required for these majors.
  • PhilaU participates in the Canadian Partners portion of NSE
  • PhilaU does not participate in the NSE Resident Assistant Exchange
  • PhilaU is listed in the NSE Campus Profile as "Open" which means that the number of students we are able to accept is not dependent upon the number of outgoing students we send for a particular academic year.