Cost of Exchanging at PhilaU

PhilaU is a "Plan B Only" member of the National Student Exchange.  That means tuition and mandatory fees are paid to your “home campus”.  The following list are fees that you will be required to pay to PhilaU:

  • Room and Board (view the Housing page for more info)
  • General Student Fee ($450)

In addition to the fees listed above, other fees you could incur at PhilaU include:

  • Campus Parking Pass ($35 per semester)
  • PhilaU Health Insurance Policy - if you do not already have a qualifying health insurance plan ($744 per semester)
  • Enrollment in University payment plan ($50)

Financial Aid continues to be applied for and received from your home campus.  Please speak with your home campus Financial Aid Office or NSE Coordinator if you have questions about using your financial aid to help pay for your NSE semester or year at PhilaU.