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Optional Service Learning and Physical Education

Service Learning

Community service initiatives are a central part of the undergraduate experience at Jefferson-East Falls. SERV-101, a one-credit course, provides an opportunity for students to contribute to and learn from Philadelphia, its neighborhoods and people. These experiences allow students to explore their interests and expand their knowledge through hands-on projects with a community outside of the University.

Learning Outcomes for Service Learning

Students who have completed SERV-101 will:

  • Develop a sense of responsibility and commitment toward public service and citizenship through critical reflection and action.
  • Improve their understanding of societal problems, which affect members of the Philadelphia-area community and beyond.
  • Relate community service experiences and issues to assigned journal questions and readings.
  • Develop a commitment to full participation in the life of their communities.
  • Consider civic obligations as a professional to improve quality of life in communities.

SERV-101 is part of a University initiative called “Serving and Learning in Philadelphia,” a phased program in the curriculum that provides opportunities for students to apply their classroom education to real-world settings. The initiative encourages the development of students as active citizens and professionals by supporting the ways they contribute to their communities and develop personal and professional responsibility. Go to http://www.eastfalls.jefferson.edu/studentengagement/communityService/FacStaff/Serv101.html for more information.

Physical Education

Physical education course options offer a variety of activities, including traditional instruction. PE options are PE-00 Varsity Athlete and/or PE-02 Recreation & Wellness.

PE-00: Varsity Athlete

Students who have participated on one of the University’s 16 intercollegiate sports teams for one season will satisfy the requirement for this course and receive .05 credit. Students must register for this course in the semester they expect to receive the course credit. Students must register for two separate semesters of PE-00 and complete an intercollegiate season in each semester to receive full physical education credit.

Note: There will be no retroactive credit or arrangement for students other than those in his/her graduating (last) semester. For any concerns contact the Associate Director of Athletics.

PE-02: Recreation and Wellness

Students participate in recreation and wellness activities offered through the Department of Athletics. Opportunities include participation in intramural sports, recreational courses in team and individual sports, and wellness courses such as yoga, stress management and tailored exercise programs. All activities must be validated by a representative from the Department of Athletics to earn credit. Students must register for the course at the beginning of the semester to receive course credit.

  • All Students who register for two separate semesters of PE-02 and would receive .5 credits per 15 hours of pre-approved classes/events/participation for each semester.
  • If a student is currently enrolled in the graduating semester of his/her senior year and needs a PE credit to make their total required credits for graduation, s/he must directly speak and have approval from the Director of Fitness and Wellness to move forward with any exceptions.
  • If a student is in the graduating semester of his/her senior year and wants to take a .5 PE credit to make their total required credits for graduation, s/he will be expected to enroll for the class in his/her final semester.