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Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life is located in The Kanbar Campus Center, Room 311.

The Office of Residence Life is comprised of a diverse staff committed to building a safe, welcoming environment that fosters an appreciation for differences and empowers students to become lifelong citizens of their communities. We accomplish these goals by providing quality educational experiences, exceptional customer service, and advocacy for service on behalf of our students with other University departments. Through these efforts, our staff is determined to provide resources and services that enhance our resident students’ academic endeavors.

The Office of Residence Life achieves its mission by establishing the following learning goals for resident students:

  1. Develop a greater knowledge of self through the exploration of personal identity.
  2. Develop a greater understanding of others to thrive in diverse environments.
  3. Express values and opinions as a means for engaging in the community with civility.
  4. Evaluate situations to arrive at an informed decision.

The University provides on-campus housing for approximately 1,600 undergraduate students in traditional and apartment-style residence halls. First-year students are housed primarily on the Ravenhill Campus, while returning and upper-class students are housed on the Main Campus in Mott Hall and the Residences at Falls Center. Housing on the Ravenhill Campus consists of three residence halls: Fortress Hall, Partridge Hall and Ronson Hall. Students reside in rooms accommodating one to four students with community bathrooms in each building. First-year students may also be placed in Scholler Hall located on Main Campus.

Housing on the Main Campus consists of two apartment complexes—Independence Plaza and the Townhouses—and one residence hall, Scholler Hall. The apartment-style units range from one to five bedrooms, accommodating two to five people. Each air-conditioned unit contains a full kitchen, living room and bathroom. Scholler Hall is a traditional residence hall with double-occupancy rooms. Mott Hall is a traditional style residence hall on Ravenhill Campus that has a variation of single, premium single, and premium double spaces. In addition, upper-class students are housed in the Residences at Falls Center, a newly renovated, open-concept, independent apartment-style residence, which is located on Henry Avenue. The University provides shuttle service from the Residences at Falls Center to Main Campus.

Each resident is provided with an extra-long bed, desk, desk chair, and dresser/wardrobe unit. In addition, one data port is provided for each resident in most of the residence halls. At least one cable connection with basic service is provided for each room or apartment. Apartment-style units are additionally furnished with living room and kitchen furniture as space permits.

Recognizing that students spend a significant amount of their time outside of the classroom setting, the Office of Residence Life strives to create a communal-living environment in which each student is afforded an opportunity to develop as an individual in an atmosphere that encourages emotional and intellectual growth.

The environment within a student’s residence area significantly influences his/her success and personal satisfaction while at the University. Each resident contributes to making residential living a positive experience. A sense of community is achieved through mutual consideration, cooperation and responsible behavior. Community living places responsibility on individuals to demonstrate self-discipline and awareness, to be more aware of their needs as members of the community, and to become more active citizens in the residential community.

Each residence area is supervised by a Residence Life staff member. Residence Coordinators (RCs), Residence Managers (RMs) and Resident Assistants (RAs) work with students to develop a sense of community in their residential area and to create an atmosphere conducive to mutual respect and consideration. Residence Life staff members are also instrumental in assisting students to develop positive attitudes and behaviors to deal responsibly with the establishment of an independent lifestyle and the social freedoms of adult life.