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B.S. Accelerated Degree Program


Accelerated programs and courses are only available to SCPS students.

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies offers an accelerated degree completion program of 60 credits for working professionals. The courses are offered in 8-week terms and focus on adult general education requirements, professional competencies, a choice of majors, and a limited choice of electives. Candidates for admission to this program must have previously earned a minimum of 30 credits from accredited institutions. Candidates must demonstrate competency in writing, mathematics, information systems, humanities, history, science and social science. Students can accumulate credits toward their first 60 credits through existing university coursework, pre-approved transfer coursework, CLEP examination and prior-learning assessment. Extra credits in the general requirements plus elective portions will reduce the number of free electives at the end. Candidates are required to complete an application and related materials, attend an admission interview and write a personal statement. Transcript evaluations are an integral part of this process.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who graduate from the accelerated B.S. degree will be able to:

  • Integrate liberal arts and sciences concepts into Continuing and Professional Studies core courses, major area coursework and professional endeavors.
  • Successfully display, through a team project, their ability to resolve issues, propose solutions and make decisions with students trained in disciplines different from their own.
  • Find, evaluate and use information in order to conduct an in-depth analysis of an industry, organization or economic sector. 
  • Successfully display, through a team project, their ability to resolve issues and propose solutions in a multiethnic environment.
  • Demonstrate responsible ethical behavior in academic and business environments by recognizing ethical issues that are presented in a complex, multilayered context and within two identified courses.
  • Apply ethical perspective and concepts to an ethical question accurately, and demonstrate their ability to consider full implications of that application.
  • Effectively demonstrate knowledge of their profession globally including their ability to forecast future changes and proactively respond to them.


Core Coursework

General Education 
15 credits
HIST 321       Business, Industry, & Work in American History  3
HUMN 310       Globalization and World Politics  3
SOC 310    The Social Science of the Workplace 3
COMM 320 Professional Communication Skills 3
CSSEM 499 Professional Studies Capstone Seminar    3


Continuing Professional Studies Core
18 credits
CSSEM 300 Professional Practice Seminar 3
MGMT 361   Leadership Theory & Ethical Practices 3
ECON 331 Economic Decision Making 3
STAT 311 Finding and Evaluating Statistical Data 3
FINC 323 Financial Decision Making  3
IT 201  Learning with Technology 3


Major – 15 - 27 credits

Select one 15-27 credit major option (Click to see major options)

*The Accounting major consists of 9 classes (27 credits) and no additional free electives.

Free Electives 9-12 credits

Transfer Credits 60 credits

TOTAL CREDITS: 120 credits


Building and Construction Studies 27 cr
ARCH 204ACC Great Building: Structure, Style & Content 3
ARCST 341ACC American Architecture 3
ARCST 221ACC Contemporary Preservation & Adaptive Reuse 3
CMGT 104ACC Intro to Estimating & Scheduling 3
CMGT 208ACC Materials & Methods of Constructions 3
CMGT 302ACC Construction Contract Administration 3
CMGT 4xxACC Intro to Building Information Modeling 3

Major Electives:  Choose 2 from:

CMGT 101ACC Construction Graphics 3
ARCH 426ACC Design/Build 3
ARCST 266ACC Building Conservation 3
MCM 604ACC Project Finance & Cost Control 3
MCM 606ACC Construction Risk Management 3
SDN 601ACC Principles & Methods of Sustainable Design 3
SDN 604ACC Green Materials & Life Assessment 3


Business Management  15 cr
MGMT-401ACC  Operations Management 3
MKTG-102ACC Principles of Marketing 3
ACCT-101ACC Financial Accounting 3
ACCT-102ACC Managerial Accounting 3
BUS-499 Business Capstone Seminar 3


Health Services Management 15 cr
HRM-350 Cross Cultural Communication and Diversity Management 3
HLTSV-310 Survey of Health Services Delivery Systems 3
HLTSV-315 Public Policy and Planning in Health Care 3
HLTSV-325 Emerging Issues in Health Care 3
HLTSV-499 Capstone Seminar in Health Services Management 3