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B.S. Accelerated Degree Program/ PhilaU Online

Director of Online Programs:  MB Kurilko

B.S. Degree Program—Jefferson Online

This Bachelor’s degree program is designed for professional adults who want to advance their careers and fulfill the dream of receiving a college degree. Jefferson Online programs integrate theory and practice with ties to industry, bringing 128 years of experience in traditional education to students’ computers, laptops, tablets and phones.

Jefferson Online courses are offered in the Blackboard Learning System incorporating multimedia technology, discussion boards, audio, video and email centralization to deliver course material as effectively as the classroom setting; to create an engaging community among student peers; and to facilitate communication with professors.  Jefferson Online also provides support services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



General Requirements       24 Credits

CSSX 101 Foundation  3
Writing 3
Math 3
Science  3
History 3
Social Science 3
Humanities 3
Information Systems 3

General Education Core      18 Credits

HIST 321 Business, Industry & Work in American History 3
HUMN 310 Globalization and World Politics 3
SOC 310 Social Science of the Workplace 3
ACCX 111 Financial Accounting 3
COMM 320 Professional Communication Skills 3
CSSEM 499 Professional Studies Capstone 3

Professional Education Core       21 credits

LCSX-105 Elements of Organization 3
MGTX-105 Principles of Management 3
IT-201 Learning with Technology 3
ECON-331 Economic Decision Making 3
STAT-311 Finding and Evaluating Statistical Data* 3
FINC-323 Financial Decision Making* 3
MGMT-361 Leadership Theory & Ethical Practices 3

* In the Professional Communication and Emerging Media major, STAT 311 and FINC 323 are replaced by MKTX 101 & MKTX 404

Lower Division Electives       30 Credits

Upper Division Free Electives       9 – 12 Credits

Majors – Select One 15 – 27 credit option below       15 – 27 credits


Program Major

Accounting        27 Credits

ACCT-111* Financial Accounting 3
ACCT-102ACC Managerial Accounting 3
ACCT-203ACC Intermediate Accounting I 3
ACCT-204ACC Intermediate Accounting II 3
ACCT-303ACC Accounting Theory and Practice 3
ACCT-309ACC Federal Taxes I 3
ACCT-316ACC Cost Accounting I 3
ACCT-409ACC Auditing 3
ACCT-412ACC Advanced Accounting 3
*ACCT-111 is part of the General Education Core

Behavioral and Health Services       18 Credits

PSYCH-201ACC  Abnormal Psychology 3
PSYCH-222ACC Counseling Psychology 3
PSYCH-213ACC Developmental Psychology 3
PSYCH-233ACC Interpersonal Relations and Small Group Dynamics 3
BEHLT-341 Behavioral Health and Neurorehabilitation 3
BEHLT-499 Applied Project in Behavioral Health and Neurorehabilitation  3

Business Management   15 Credits

ACCT 102ACC Managerial Accounting 3
BUS 499 Business Capstone Seminar 3
MKTG 102ACC Principles of Marketing 3
MGMT 401ACC Operations Management 3
MGTX 405 Organizational Behavior 3

Health Services Management       15 Credits

HRM-350   Cross Cultural Communication and Diversity Management 3
HLTSV-310 Survey of Health Services Delivery System 3
HLTSV-315  Public Policy and Planning in Health Care 3
HLTSV-325 Emerging Issues in Health Care 3
HLTSV-499 Capstone Seminar in Health Services Management 3

Human Resource Management       15 Credits

MGTX-201             Human Resource Management 3
MGTX-303  Labor/Management Relations 3
MGTX-307  Compensation and Benefits  3
MGTX-308 Training and Development 3
HRM-499  Applied Research and Practice in Human Resource Management  3


Information Technology Management       15 credits

IT-315 Information Technology I 3
IT-317 Information Technology II 3
IT-320 Database Management 3
IT-410 Needs Assessment 3
IT-499 Project Management

Law Enforcement Leadership        15 Credits

CRJX-309 Police Administration Management 3
LAWEN-301 Planning for Law Enforcement Organizations 3
LAWEN-310 Contemporary Law Enforcement Strategies 3
LAWEN-410 Advanced Law Enforcement Theory and Management 3
LAWEN-499 Capstone Seminar and Project in Law Enforcement 3

Organizational Leadership       15 Credits

COMX-204 Technologies of Communication 3
COMX-375 Public Relations 3
MGTX-305 Managing a Diverse Workforce 3
MGTX-405 Organizational Behavior  3
MGTX-408 Organizational Theory and Development 3

Professional Communication and Emerging Media       15 Credits


Technologies of Communication 3
COMX-240 The Blog 3
COMM-305 Multimedia Presentations 3
COMM-307 Public Relations & Media Writing 3
COMM-404 Professional Communication Capstone 3