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Health and Human Services - Radiologic Technology (A.S.)


Restricted Enrollment

This 63-credit program builds on transferable credits earned through successful completion of specified Albert Einstein Medical Center School of Radiologic Technology coursework.

Block Transfer Segment 1 Radiologic Technology Technician Program 5 Credits
Block Transfer Segment 2 Radiologic Technology Technician Program 20 Credits
Block Transfer Segment 3 Radiologic Technology Technician Program 17 Credits

Core and Major Concentration Coursework                  21 credits

WRTG-105 Writing About Workplace Culture 3
PLA-100 Scientific Reasoning 3
MATH-215 College Algebra 3
HIST-114ACC America in Focus: Themes in U.S. History 3
PSYCH-101ACC Introduction to psychology 3
HUMN-301 Art in Context 3
 -or- HUMN 310 Globalization & World Politics 3
IT-201 Learning with Technology 3