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The new Jefferson was established on July 1, 2017, as a result of the merger of these two renowned universities. Through a shared and unique approach to education, Jefferson is nationally and internationally recognized for many historical "firsts" including the first surgical use of anesthesia in Philadelphia; the blending of quail feathers and wool to create the Army’s ubiquitous olive drab as an alternative to dark blue and light-colored khaki military uniforms; the first successful open-heart operation using a heart-lung machine; and the first bifurcated aortal graft using knit fibers needed for artificial blood vessels.

Today, we are a professional university that defies convention and dedicates itself to collaborative, transdisciplinary and interprofessional approaches to learning that offers a vibrant and expandable platform for education. Through this unique model, we are preparing our students for current and yet-to-be-imagined careers – setting tomorrow’s standards by breaking today's.