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Web Design and Development (B.S.)


Formerly known as the digital design program, Interactive Design and Media, or Interactive Design and Development, the Bachelor of Science in Web Design & Development prepares students to work in the rapidly developing field of interactive design and media.


The Bachelor of Science in Web Design & Development prepares students to work effectively in the rapidly moving field of interaction design. The program provides a diverse combination of skills, including the understanding of basic design principles, the capacity to plan and develop a great strategy, the ability to harness the latest digital technologies and techniques and experience in working in a collaborative interdisciplinary environment. 

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the B.S. in Web Design & Development program will:

  • A balance of research and planning, visual design, user experience design and programming skills essential to professional readiness and flexibility
  • Experiences working as an integral member of a cooperative team in the classroom, through industry-sponsored projects and internships
  • Creation of portfolio-quality projects that demonstrate visually rich and engaging interface designs in a professional context
  • Focused experiences in liberal arts that support abilities to communicate ideas and continued personal and professional growth beyond graduation

Program Description

The curriculum in Web Design and Development establishes a strong foundation in visual thinking and conceptual skills common to most art and design fields. In advanced courses, you will develop the ability to visualize and produce work for richer information environments. You will explore complex aspects of time-based interactive design, web-based media, user experience, user interface, game design, and mobile communications.

In your first two years, you will concentrate on developing the basic skills necessary for visual literacy in the modern communication landscape. Basic design, expertise in typography, strategic planning, skill in electronic imaging, basic coding and navigation, and the principles of hierarchy in communication are all addressed.

The final four semesters include a combination of required studios designed to develop your ability to complete complex interactive projects, with consideration of social and economic factors as they apply to communication strategies. Additionally, all students are encouraged to participate in our active internship program and study abroad opportunities.

In the final semester, Interactive Design and Development students are required to complete a culmination capstone course where students will conceptualize and create a product which demonstrates their learning from the core program as well as their specialization. This capstone is inspired by either a collaborative industry project, a student’s personal interests, or their career aspirations.

Outcome upon Graduation

Graduating students are required to demonstrate expertise in software manipulation and code development, an understanding of the social implications of the emerging technologies, and an ability to produce aesthetically pleasing products that can inform and delight while serving the needs of a variety of commercial environments.