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International Fashion Design Management (M.S.)


The International M.S. in Fashion Design Management’s program mission is to train and develop highly skilled design professionals and future leaders of creative teams. With five campuses including two in Milan, Politechnico di Milano is the global strategic partner. The program will prepare students to enter managerial roles within the apparel industry. Immersive industry experiences on an international level will teach to students how to work within a corporate brand structure, incorporating technology and social media metrics into globalization and the brand building process. It is centered on strategic design timelines and processes and designing within brand parameters. The program will focus on understanding, implementing and managing design processes within an established brand structure. Students will focus on design within a corporate brand structure versus designing solely within the individual designer’s aesthetic. This curriculum focuses on working with global partners versus a domestic product development model.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who graduate from The International MS in Fashion Design Management will be able to:

  • Identify and synthesize research methodologies for the formulation of conceptual and tangible outcomes.
  • Implement strategic planning across the design development process.
  • Demonstrate how design interfaces with the wider fashion enterprise.
  • Manage the design portfolio.
  • Identify ethical theories and implement them in the international apparel markets.
  • Summarize and implement timelines used in the design process.
  • Integrate quantitative data and design development.

Program Description

The International M.S. in Fashion Design Management program at Philadelphia University developed in partnership with Politecnico di Milano, is uniquely focused on developing the design and fashion leaders of the future.

Key focus will be placed on understanding and implementing design processes within tight time lines. Rather than explore their individual design aesthetic, designers will learn to be creative within focused, market driven, brand parameters. The commercial side merges with the creative and designers will graduate with a deep understanding of how design choices impact organizations. Students will learn the fundamental process of how metrics and analysis inform strategic design decisions. For two out of the three semesters students from Philadelphia and Politecnico will work together as a team in residence, effectively broadening global perspectives. During their final semester, in Milan, PhilaU students will take part in a week long, intensive industry project.

International Collaboration

For one of the three semesters, students will study with their peers from Politecnico as a team in-residence, first in Philadelphia, then in Milan; a city entrenched in the European luxury market. This unique structure allows for the growth of the student’s professional network, and enables an understanding of the intersection of commercial demand and creativity while developing global concepts.

International MS in Fashion Design Management Curriculum Sequence

Fall Semester One: Philadelphia University


Design Process Time Line: Planning and Management


 Designing within Brand Parameters


 Social Metrics in Design




Spring Semester Two: Philadelphia University


Textile Design and Fabric/Trim Approval Process


Building Brand Identity


Strategic Design and Merchandising


Fall Semester Three: Politecnico Milan. Italy

Design Research and Trending


Product Development and Prototyping


Graduate Elective


Workshop/ Intensive Industry Project