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Management (B.S.)


Program Director: P. Russel

Program Learning Outcomes
In addition to the goals and outcomes outlined by the School of Business Administration, graduates from the management program will be able to:

  • Compare traditional models of decision making, motivation, and leadership, with their newer, more innovative counterparts
  • Explain the human resources process and the roles of human resources in organizations

Program Description
Management students acquire the skills to manage and lead innovation, either in existing companies or their own entrepreneurial ventures, while gaining valuable expertise in leadership, teamwork, professional communication, change management, human resources, and problem solving. Many students interested in management choose to select one minor from another disciplinary area to round out their management skills. Students have the opportunity to network with industry professionals, study abroad, and earn their iMBA degree in one additional year.

Many management students acquire a paid internship and professional work experience before graduation.  Our alumni excel in a variety of fields, including retail, banking and finance, insurance, global manufacturing, service firms and public agencies, while many graduates start their own businesses.