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B.S. / M.B.A. 4+1 Option

The School of Business Administration offers a Bachelor of Science and Innovation Master of Business Administration (B.S./iMBA) 4+1 degree program to qualifying students. Accepted students are permitted to take some graduate-level courses in their fourth year of undergraduate study that also count toward graduate program requirements. Typically, a fifth year is required to complete the graduate requirements, depending on the undergraduate major or concentration.

This program provides a valuable option to students who may wish to further strengthen their business competencies, credentials and marketability. Students may plan to follow this program as early as the freshman year and no later than the start of the senior year. Students should apply through Philadelphia University’s Graduate Admissions Office. Undergraduate transfer students may also apply. Currently enrolled students will be considered for admission if they have maintained a 2.7 grade point average.

Non-business majors interested in the B.S./iMBA Program should obtain a copy of the “Pre-M.B.A. Requirements for Non-Business Majors: Planning Guide” from the MBA Office. The planning guide should be used in combination with the Academic Catalog and the checksheet for the student’s undergraduate major. The guide describes the requirements for admission and the application process as well as Pre-iMBA course requirements.

Program Learning Outcomes
See the Bachelor of Science and Innovation Master of Business Administration catalog entries for Program Learning Outcomes for both programs.

Curriculum Sequence (4+1, Cohort, 12-month model)

Senior Year/Pre-iMBA        

  • iMBA 627    Competitive Technical Intelligence        3
  • iMBA 628    Accounting for Managerial Decision Making    3

Credits Earned: 6

Fall Semester

  • iMBA 602    Managing Innovative People and Teams        3
  • iMBA 630    Operations from a Systems Perspective        3
  • iMBA xxx    Elective or Internship                3
  • iMBA xxx    Elective                        3

Credits Earned: 9 or 12

Spring Semester

  • iMBA 629        Financial Policy and Planning            3
  • iMBA 714/791        New Product Dev/Internship            3
  • iMBA 792/iMBA 700    International Business Trip or International Economics and Finance                    3
  • iMBA 642        Strategic Insight and Implementation        3
  • iMBA xxx        Elective                        3

Credits Earned: 12 or 15