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DEC Core Curriculum

The Kanbar College’s core curriculum provides students majoring in design, engineering and business the ability to collaborate effectively across disciplines. In addition to studies in each major, four courses and an integrative capstone experience provide skills and knowledge that are relevant to today’s careers, transferable to other fields and practices, and applicable to emerging opportunities. By gaining insights into creative processes, business models, systems-thinking and tools for empathy and human understanding, students learn effective strategies for innovating. The Design, Engineering and Commerce (DEC) Core Curriculum broadens the expertise of any one area, adds educational value to each major and ultimately prepares students for strategic leadership in their fields. With this foundation, C-DEC graduates will be informed and versatile professionals with knowledge and skills that are transferable across increasingly dynamic professional boundaries.

Through the DEC Core Curriculum, students will demonstrate an ability to:

  • Collaborate on multidisciplinary teams.
  • Identify different problem-solving and decision-making styles.
  • Appreciate disciplinary perspectives.
  • Gain insights from people, their behaviors and cultural practices to inform a project.
  • Evaluate the ways natural and human-made (political, social, cultural, economic) systems both shape and are influenced by new products, services or enterprises.
  • Adapt to continually changing professional challenges.
  • Integrate knowledge to find new ways of creating value.