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Program Directors: Jim Doerfler and Howard Ways

The combined Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Science in Real Estate Development 5+1 Accelerated Degree Option is intended for students who wish to pursue a graduate degree in Real Estate Development while completing the undergraduate, professional program in Architecture. The 5+1 Accelerated Degree Option enables an undergraduate student to complete four graduate courses required by the M.S. Real Estate Development program, for a maximum of twelve graduate course credits, while completing the undergraduate Bachelor of Architecture degree.

Procedures and Important Information

Students enrolled in the five-year Bachelor of Architecture program have six free electives, typically distributed as two in the fourth year and four in the fifth year of the program. During their fourth or fifth years, Bachelor of Architecture students enrolled in the 5+1 program may select four courses, for a total of twelve credit hours, from the menu of offerings each semester (see below), beginning with MRE-601 Sustainable Real Estate Development Process. There are no prerequisites for the Real Estate Development courses or proscribed order of coursework.

Program Learning Goals

See the BArch and M.S. in Real Estate Development catalog entries for Program Learning Goals for each program.

Sample Curriculum

Students may begin taking courses during the 4th year or the fall semester of the 5th year. There are no prerequisites for the Real Estate Development courses and therefore no proscribed sequential order.

Fall—6 credits

  • MRE-601 Sustainable Real Estate Development Process
  • GEOD-625 Internet GIS Technology for Design and Development

Spring—6 credits

  • MRE-xxx Case Study Studio: Mixed-Use, Commercial, and Health Care Facilities
  • MRE-xxx Real Estate Market Analysis and Valuation

Summer—6 credits

  • SDNX-601 Principles and Methods of Sustainable Design (online)
  • MCM-600 Construction Estimating and Scheduling (online)

Fall—9 credits

  • MRE-620 Case Study Studio: Urban Revitalization, Adaptive Reuse & Historic Neighborhoods
  • MRE-615 Real Estate Finance and Investment
  • MRE-xxx Entrepreneurship and the Deal-Making Process

Spring—10 credits

  • MRE-xxx Real Estate Law and Ethical Practices
  • MRE-xxx Public/Private Partnerships
  • MRE-xxx Capstone
Total: 37 credits