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Program Director: Rob Fleming and Edward Keeter


The M.S. in Construction Management and M.S. in Sustainable Design dual degree option is designed for those students who want to pursue advanced work in sustainability and construction management in a full-time program.  


Graduate students may apply for the dual degree option prior to their enrolling at PhilaU or after they have started one program; either way, they must meet the standards for admission to both the MSSD program and the MSCM program. Once accepted into the dual degree option, students will enroll in one of the graduate programs and sub-matriculate into the other. Though the MSCM program requires 36 credits and the MSSD program requires 34, a student in the joint MSCM and MSSD (1+1) program can complete both programs in 61 credits instead of 70 credits. Credits are simultaneously counted as electives in the one program and as required courses in the other program, with a minimum of 30 unique credits in each program.

Students already enrolled in the MSSD or MSCM degree  who wish to enter the Combined Degree must complete the following steps:
  • Meet with the Program Directors from both programs at the same time to discuss the change and to develop a schedule of courses
  • Submit a signed change of major request
  • Meet with program directors on regular basis to monitor progress while moving through the combined degree program

Program Learning Goalss

See the MS in Construction Management and MS in Sustainable Design catalog entries for Program Learning Goals  

Program Schedule
In order to meet the two-year schedule for the combined degree, some courses will be out of sequence and students may be required to take the course on-line.        


Fall Semester 

  • MCM-600    Construction Estimating and Scheduling..... 3 credits
  • MCM-602    Construction Information Modeling..... 3 credits
  • SDN-601    Principles and Methods of Sustainable Design..... 3 credits
  • SDN-603     Sustainable Systems..... 3 credits

Spring Semester

  • MCM-603    Construction Law..... 3 credits
  • MCM-604    Project Finance and Cost Control..... 3 credits
  • MCM-606     Construction Risk Management..... 3 credits
  • IMBA-625    Management Communication and Negotiation..... 3 credits

Summer Semester

  • MCM-612    Advanced Construction Project Management..... 3 credits
  • MCM-901    Master's Project..... 3 credits

TOTAL CREDIT HOURS for the MSCM Program: 30 Unique Credits

Fall Semester

  • SDN-622    Sustainable Design Studio..... 4 credits
  • SDN-XXX    Elective..... 3 credits
  • SDN-602    Adaptive Design..... 3 credits
  • SDN-604    Green Materials and Life Cycle Assessment..... 3 credits

Spring Semester

  • SDN-622    Ecological Design Studio..... 4 credits
  • SDN-623    Landscape Ecology Seminar..... 2 credits
  • SDN-900    Thesis I in Sustainable Design..... 3 credits
  • SDN-XXX    Elective..... 3 credits

Summer Semester

  • SDN-901    Thesis II in Sustainable Design..... 6 credits          

TOTAL CREDIT HOURS for the M.S. Sustainable Design program: 31 Unique Credits
TOTAL CREDIT HOURS for the M.S. Sustainable Design and M.S. Construction Management Dual Degree: 61 Credits