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College of Architecture and the Built Environment

Executive Dean: B. Klinkhammer
Associate Dean: D. Breiner
Associate Dean: S. Singletary
Manager of Academic Operations: L. Irwin

Faculty: M. Añez, L. Baumbach, D. Breiner, J. Carnell, , J. Doerfler,  K. Douglas, S. Dunn, R. Fleming, S. Frostén, R. Fryer, M. Gindlesparger, C. Griffen, C. Harnish, A. Hart, C. Hermann, J. Kansler, D. Kratzer, K. Ku, M. Livingston, G. Ong, G. Ozcan-Deniz, L. Phillips, E. Pruitt, J. Querry, S. Singletary, E. Stach, K. Zamora

The College of Architecture and the Built Environment recognizes that design professionals require an in-depth understanding of aesthetic, technical and economic issues within a complex social, cultural and environmental framework. Building on the University’s goal to provide professional skills combined with a broad general education, our mission is to prepare students to be creative, independent thinkers and innovative problem-solvers. We emphasize critical excellence, balanced with the fundamental knowledge and skill required for meaningful contributions to professional design practice. In congruence with the mission of the University, we encourage students to establish a “foundation for success, lifelong learning and active citizenship,” as stewards of a sustainable society.

The College draws from the academic context, location and professional orientation of the University in pursuing its mission. Eight different career options are offered in an intimate collegiate setting and cooperative faculty/student-learning environment. The College encourages interdisciplinary and collaborative work in all the professionally related degree programs.

The College of Architecture and the Built Environment requires the purchase of a laptop computer that meets the specifications listed on the Office of Information Resources (OIR) webpage below. Students are required to purchase specific software of graphic/modeling/simulation, and/or productivity tools for each year of each program: Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Science in Construction Management, Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies, Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Master of Science in Sustainable Design, Master of Architecture, Master of Science in Architecture, Master of Science in Construction Management, Master of Science in Interior Architecture, Master of Science in Geospatial Technology in Geodesign, and Master of Real Estate Development. The University bookstore makes every effort to offer the lowest possible prices of the required software for coursework.

Visit http://www.eastfalls.jefferson.edu/oir/StudentPersonalTechnologySupport/ComputerPurchasingMain.html for hardware and software requirements. All C-ABE students are required to bring to school a laptop computer with a mouse capable of running Windows software. Students using a Mac must meet the PC specification requirements to run all required software, and own and install Windows via Boot Camp. The students must have the required laptop and software before the first class required by each program, in order to use course-specific software immediately.

Throughout the course of studies, laptop and software requirements may change due to software and hardware updates, and it is the student’s responsibility to keep hardware and software requirements up to date.

For Studio Culture, Rules and Responsibilities specific to the College of Architecture and the Built Environment, see the guidelines on the College of Architecture and the Built Environment website: http://www.eastfalls.jefferson.edu/arch/prog_arch_NAAB.html.