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Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Practices

(12 graduate credits)

The Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Practices program is geared toward working professionals seeking to build their knowledge-base and credentials in the field of sustainable design, engineering and construction of the built environment. The program offers a wide array of critical skills including the LEED® rating system, passive design, and the basics of energy modeling and life cycle assessment. Credits earned in the certificate program are transferable into the M.S. in Sustainable Design program. Students must apply for, and be accepted into, the M.S. program. For additional information, please refer to the University website.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the core skill sets necessary to accomplish an effective sustainable design project as a response to environmental, social and economic forces.
  • Synthesize theories of sustainability into comprehensive research and design projects.
  • Develop diversity initiatives that are integral to the sustainability problem-solving process as a reflection of an emerging global marketplace.
  • Apply ethical values to the integrated design process and to the selection of systems and materials for a built project.

Spring Semester

  • SDN 601    Sustainable Design Methodologies..... 3 credits
  • SDN 602    Adaptive Design..... 3 credits

Summer Semester

  • SDN 603    Sustainable Systems..... 3 credits
  • SDN 604    Green Materials and Life Cycle Analysis..... 3 credits