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2017 College of Architecture and the Built Environment Graduates Post a 100% Job and Graduate School Placement Rate

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Architecture Students Win First Place in 2018 John Stewardson Competition

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Architecture: Integrating STEM through Design

College of Architecture and the Built Environment

About the College

Sustainability | Collaboration | Innovation

The College of Architecture and the Built Environment educates future leaders in the fields of architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, historic preservation, construction management, geodesign, sustainable design and real estate development. Using Philadelphia as an urban lab, the curricula provides specialized knowledge unique to each profession, paired with interdisciplinary collaboration. The college partners with major corporations, local communities and nonprofit organizations, supplying a broad range of real-world projects and networking opportunities. This dynamic approach to education and emphasis upon social equity, sustainability and design excellence equip graduates with a competitive advantage, poised to become innovators in sustainable practice.


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Academic Programs

Academic Programs


Architecture - (B.ARCH.)

Our 5-year professional architecture program prepares you to think and design for the future. From advanced design courses to business classes, and a focus on sustainability throughout, you will be ready to dive into careers upon graduation. You will collaborate with various disciplines on industry projects, gain valuable experience in internships and get a global perspective through study abroad programs. The NAAB-accredited program provides a challenging curriculum with a design studio sequence that is the core of the program comprehensively synthesizing all the courses into project-based learning.

    Program Highlights

  • Focus on sustainability and building for the future.

  • Learn from an interdisciplinary faculty of professionals.

  • Master the skills to be a creative and innovative professional in the built environment.

Architecture (M.ARCH.)

Architecture - (M.ARCH.)

With multiple starting tracks, the Master of Architecture program prepares students with any undergraduate degree to meet the demands of the architecture and built environment industries in the 21st century.

You will prepare for professional architectural practice by developing sustainable design and technology skills, knowledge of project management and collaborative experiences within an interdisciplinary environment, alongside students with diverse undergraduate experience.

The program ranges from a 48-credit minimum for those with advanced standing, to a 3+ year 99-credit degree program for students without previous experience.

    Program Highlights

  • Gain sustainable design and technology skills and a knowledge of project management.

  • Learn through collaborative experiences in an interdisciplinary environment.

  • Earn your Master of Architecture in 2-3+ years, depending on previous experience.

Architecture (M.S.)

Architecture - (M.S.)

This post-professional program is research-based and prepares students for specialist and consulting positions in the broad field of the built environment in the architecture, engineering and construction industries. You will be able to work in an office while conducting research, and can even get elective course credit for time spent in an office. This potential allows you to become an "imbedded researcher", working in practice while progressing toward your M.S. Professionals who want to make themselves more marketable by specializing in a vital area of architecture, such as high performance buildings and healthcare design, would benefit from this program.

    Program Highlights

  • Learn core principles including innovation, transdisciplinary study and sustainability.

  • Learn industry research skills to foster cutting-edge architectural practices in the broader building industry.

  • Apply essential research and analysis to implement the most current knowledge to real-world applications in the built environment.

Architectural Studies (B.S.)

Architectural Studies - (B.S.)

The Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies program provides a customizable, pre-professional education. The opportunities to link courses from the professional degree in architecture with courses in the arts and sciences allow the student to find a comprehensive learning experience immersed in the field of architecture and the built environment. The curriculum brings foundation design studio, visualization, history, building science, historic preservation and photography courses together into this degree.

Construction Management (B.S.)

Construction Management - (B.S.)

Our construction management program prepares you to be an ethical, innovative problem-solver who understands the complete construction business model. Our industry-centered curriculum will prepare you for leadership roles in this challenging, multi-faceted, competitive field, by emphasizing innovation and the importance of collaboration between business and design. You will prepare for your career through real-world experiences, working closely with other disciplines on commercial, residential, and industrial projects.

    Program Highlights

  • Practical, Industry-Centered Curriculum

  • Hands-On, Collaborative Projects

  • Innovative Solutions

  • Expert Faculty

  • Sustainable Approach

Construction Management (M.S.)

Construction Management - (M.S.)

Thomas Jefferson University's M.S. in Construction Management is an innovative, multidisciplinary program with an unparalleled focus on sustainability and collaboration, where you will learn advanced real-world problem-solving techniques from a faculty of experienced industry professionals.

    Program Highlights

  • Practical, Industry-Centered Curriculum

  • Hands-On, Collaborative Projects

  • Innovative Solutions

  • Expert Faculty

  • Sustainable Approach


Explore the 2-year dual master's program with Sustainable Design

Geospatial Technology for Geodesign (M.S.)

Geospatial Technology for Geodesign - (M.S.)

In this highly innovative program, next generation designers of the built environment learn through a combination of advanced geospatial technologies and sustainable design practices. You will work on real projects in a highly-collaborative fast-paced, hands-on learning environment. Upon graduation, you will have the skills necessary to address complex design and planning problems with powerful geospatial visualization and analysis tools that foster meaningful collaboration among other build environment design professionals.

    Program Highlights

  • Work with state-of-the-art geospatial 3D technologies to model complex urban environments.

  • Gain hands-on experience working on real projects for real clients.

  • Prepare to become leaders and innovators in solving 21st century design and planning challenges.

Historic Preservation (M.S.)

Historic Preservation - (M.S.)

Contribute to applied research and practice-based initiatives in the next preservation frontier, the conservation of modernism and mid-century modern architecture. This program focuses on the restoration, rehabilitation, and adaptive reuse of modern and pre-modern structures, as well as preservation strategies applied to urban regeneration.

    Program Highlights

  • Experience Philadelphia as a "living laboratory" of architectural styles and periods, with opportunities for real world projects.

  • Spend a semester abroad at Anhalt University, studying the preservation of modernism at the iconic Bauhaus Building.

  • Benefit from the variety of CABE offerings and work towards a specialized degree.


5+1 Explore the 6-year B.Arch/M.S. combined program with Bachelor of Architecture


4+1 Explore the 5-year B.S./M.S. combined program with B.S. Architectural Studies

Interior Design (B.S.)

Interior Design - (B.S.)

Thomas Jefferson University's interior design program prepares you to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and excellence in design, emphasizing creativity, real-world experiences and principles of sustainability. You will transform into an articulate, creative, inspired and socially aware design professional through interdisciplinary projects and a challenging sequence of 8 studio courses.

    Program Highlights

  • Work with various disciplines and on real-world design projects.

  • Network with design firms through professional association memberships.

  • Gain valuable experience studying abroad and through internships.


Explore the 5-year B.S./M.S. combined program with the M.S. in Sustainable Design

Interior Architecture (M.S.)

Interior Architecture - (M.S.)

In this variable length program, suitable for those without a design background and for those interested in bringing their knowledge and skills to a higher level, we integrate theory with the technical skills needed for excellence in practice. You will be immersed in the latest problem solving methodologies, current technologies for digital visual expression, and the integrated sustainable practices currently used by all professionals who contribute to the built environment. You will learn to work collaboratively and think critically to discover innovative solutions, and be prepared to work in firms in all areas of the profession.

    Program Highlights

  • Our campus is minutes from downtown and will give you access to abundant networking and employment opportunities.

  • An internship requirement will give you hands-on experience for your career.

  • A faculty of practicing professionals provide you with insight and instruction in current practices.

Landscape Architecture (BLA)

Landscape Architecture - (BLA)

We believe in real problems + real people = real solutions.
If you have a passion for the environment and for people, our program will prepare you to address environmental problems through sustainable urban planning, design and restoration. You will learn to innovate, collaborate and create outdoor environments that reconnect us with nature, encourage healthy lifestyles and tackle climate change and natural disasters. Our hands on experiential learning increases our students' design creativity, knowledge and skills so they can take their place as engaged citizens and professionals who want to solve the pressing problems of today's world.

    Program Highlights

  • Focus on sustainability and planning for the future.

  • Learn from a faculty of top industry professionals.

  • Prepare for a career with an industry-focused curriculum.

Real Estate Development (M.S.)

Real Estate Development - (M.S.)

Using Philadelphia and its environs, prepare to address real estate development projects ranging from the single buildings to entire districts. Learn to address economic, social, and ecological issues when developing commercial, industrial, institutional or residential projects for the 21st century. Graduates will have keen insight to invigorating communities and shaping healthy places to live, work, and play through environmentally sensitive new development, and rehabilitation and redevelopment of historic buildings and neighborhoods.

    Program Highlights

  • Focus upon projects of various scales - from single building and neighborhood revitalization, to commercial, institutional and healthcare development.

  • Apply "green" planning principles, as outlined by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

  • Learn from a faculty of industry experts who provide real-world insight to sustainable practices, legal aspects of land-use, city and regional planning, construction science and management.

Sustainable Design (M.S.)

Sustainable Design - (M.S.)

Developed by top sustainability practitioners and experts, this award-winning program fuses design, engineering and industry, emphasizing market-driven innovation to help you become a leader in global sustainability. With both online, on-campus and certificate options, the curriculum focuses on mastering integrative sustainable design practices leading to high performing resilient projects.

    Program Highlights

  • Gain hands on experience on projects with real clients.

  • Prepare to address and solve 21st century environmental problems.

  • Online options allow you to progress in the field at your convenience.


Explore the 5-year B.S./M.S. combined program with B.S. Interior Design


Explore the 2-year dual master's program with Construction Management

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