Privacy Policy

Philadelphia University respects your privacy.

As a general rule, the University’s web site does not collect personal information about its visitors. Although we use cookies to collect information about your movement through this site and to know if you have visited us before — these cookies do not capture any personal information about you. Furthermore, you are not required to even have cookies enabled in your browser to view most pages on

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  • iParq []

  • Other services for which you may see a cookie set include HirePhilaU, the University Events Calendar, services employed by the technology help desk and physical plant.

    Personal information that you provide via email or through other online means (e.g. forms) will be used only for purposes necessary to serve your needs, such as responding to an inquiry, processing an application, or posting material you have authorized us to post (e.g. alumni contact info submitted through the site). If additional personal information about you is requested by a particular office (e.g. an online application through the Office of Admissions), the web page that collects this information may have a separate, more detailed privacy statement that will tell you how that data is to be used. In many cases (including applications sent to the Office of Admissions), this information is collected and processed via a secure server (look for the prefix https:// in your browser’s address bar).

    Note that we do use server logs to collect information concerning your Internet connection and general information about your visit to Facebook and Twitter, and YouTube, for example, may gather demographic and user data as you navigate their sites; these sites have their own privacy policies and statements which should be read and understood before any engagement with aforementioned sites is begun. Laws regarding liable, slander and other illegal behavior similarly apply to any third party site where Philadelphia University maintains a presence. 

    Questions, comments or concerns about privacy should be addressed via email to or through regular mail to: Philadelphia University, Public Relations, School House Lane and Henry Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19144.

    All questions of a technical nature should be addressed to our Technology Help Desk at or telephone 215.951.4648.