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A 360° View of the Supply Chain

Fashion isn’t just about pretty clothes and runways. It’s also about all of the people who make the fashion industry run, evolve and progress. It’s the suppliers, merchandisers, engineers, marketers and event planners – from concept to consumer and the marriage of fabric to frame. At the Fashion and Textiles Futures Center, you’ll find endless research opportunities, industry-sponsored projects and professors who know the biz.

A Legacy of Excellence

Why here?

In short, we’ve long been known for our internationally recognized programs and industry partnerships.

O'Toole Ternosky Award Show


Originally founded as the Philadelphia Textile School in 1884, we were the first textile school in the United States.


CEOWORLD Magazine ranked Thomas Jefferson University #6 in the top ten fashion programs in the United States in its Best Fashion Schools in the World list.

YMA Fashion Scholarships


In 2017, Vivien Cooper ’17, won the top national award from the YMA Scholarship Fund. That year, seven other Jefferson fashion students were awarded $5,000 as part of the competition, while this past year, 11 students, a record number, were recognized as part of this prestigious competition.

Lawrence N. Field DEC Center

Among the Best

The Business of Fashion Global Fashion Schools Rankings listed our undergraduate programs 9th and our graduate programs 3rd in the US.

Industry Partners

Work with Leaders

Lawrence N. Field DEC Center
Issac Mizrahi speaks to a design class.
  • Chemo Clothes
  • Epson
  • Isaac Mizrahi
  • Li & Fung
  • Lori Weitzner
  • Macy's
  • Nathan Sports
  • NASA
  • PVH
  • QVC
  • Sunbury Textile Mills
  • Target
  • Under Armour
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Verizon
  • XCEL Brands
Weareable tech on back of shirt
Closeup of wearable tech in shirt

When designing senior collections, our students work across disciplines to incorporate digital printing, surface imaging, laser-cutting, screenprinting, 3D printing, wearable technology and custom fabrics into their designs.

A 14,000 Square Foot Futuristic Facility

Just as they always have, our students get industry-relevant experience from the moment they begin at Jefferson to the time they start their professional careers. Now, they get to study the entire supply chain in a new, innovative, and fashionable space.

In the Futures Center, our students benefit from world-class curricula, access to the latest technologies that support the creation of new knowledge and increased opportunities to work with industry partners on real-world projects.

Marcia Weiss, Director of the Center

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