Portfolio Requirements - For Fashion Design and Architecture Applicants Only

Transfer students are defined as students who have completed college credits after graduating from high school. Students who have completed college credits during their senior year of high school or who are eligible for college credits as a result of AP exams or dual enrollment coursework are not considered transfer students.

Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design

Transfer students seeking admission to the Bachelor of Fashion Design program must submit their application, all the required materials and the following:

A portfolio containing a minimum of 12 images of your art/design work on a clearly labeled CD in jpeg format. This body of work can include 2D and 3D designs, drawings (life or fashion), and/or garments. CD’s will only be returned if accompanied by a sufficiently sized, self-addressed, stamped envelope. To expedite an admissions decision, we recommend you send your CD with your application.

Bachelor of Architecture (5-year)

Transfer students seeking admission to the 5-year Bachelor of Architecture program must submit a portfolio with their application and other required materials. If they have:

Completed design or studio coursework other than drawing:

In addition to the required application materials, please submit a minimum of 12 images of your work on a clearly marked CD or USB in pdf or jpeg format. The body of work should be representative of your completed design or studio courses. CD’s or USB's will only be returned if accompanied by a sufficiently sized, self-addressed, stamped envelope. To expedite an admissions decision, we recommend you send your CD/USB with your application.

No previous design or studio courses completed other than drawing:

Students are not required to submit a portfolio with their application.

What is a portfolio? In general the portfolio is a collection of your previous work that relates to the skills necessary to succeed in the Jefferson Architecture Program. Specifically your portfolio is intended to showcase your previous college work that has satisfied academic requirements necessary to receive credit for specific first and second year architecture classes at Jefferson. Additionally work outside of the college setting may be part of your portfolio.

Portfolio Submission Requirements. What should be in your portfolio? Specific requirements for your portfolio are outlined below. It is important that you follow the instructions.

Part of our criteria for admission is a clear demonstration of knowledge and skills related to the first two years of the Architecture Program curriculum. We suggest that you view the sample portfolio provided for the level of work and how it may be formatted.

How do I make a portfolio?

Format: 8.5” x 11” format (either portrait or landscape). The portfolio is limited to no more than 20 single sided pages of images (this does not include covers, transcripts, table of contents, and letters of recommendation) and the order of work shall be as listed below. Three-dimensional objects sent in addition to the portfolio are not allowed.

Cover: Provide a front and back cover. The front cover shall include your name and the name of any colleges that you have attended.

CD/USB: Create an electronic copy of all portfolio pages as a PDF on a CD/USB.

Unofficial Transcripts: Include transcript(s) of all of your college work (unofficial transcripts are acceptable). This transcript(s) will not normally include grades for Spring semester but could include a list of classes currently in progress. Transcripts shall be in the back of the portfolio.

Contents Page: Provide a Table of Contents in the order of exhibits. The table of contents should indicate the class # of each course and the college where it was taken.

Class Work to Be Included in Your Portfolio: It is not necessary for your portfolio to include every Architecture project that you have completed. It is most important that you include information from courses that are required with the first two years of our curriculum.

Arrangement of Work: Arrange your portfolio in the order classes are listed above. Each sheet shall clearly indicate the class number, and the name of the class as listed on the unofficial transcript (ex. ARCH-101 Design 1). If a class is currently in progress you may include work in progress.

Additional Work:
 Your portfolio may include other examples of work (this is within the 20 page limit) that you have personally completed in related courses (example, Art), while working in a professional office, or on your own. These might include drawings, photographs, sculpture, handcrafted items, etc.).

Showcase your talents: When submitting a portfolio, you must follow the directions. You should showcase your talents while highlighting any unique skills (such as computer knowledge, freehand drawing, craftsmanship, etc.) that you may have.

Portfolio Help:
 Your portfolio needs not include everything that you completed in a class; therefore some editing is suggested. Most projects (assignments) can be illustrated on one page. Portfolios should have an overall organizing layout. It's best to get another opinion to help you develop a well-ordered and concise presentation. Students may also find it helpful, before submission, to ask a mentor or community college instructor for guidance.