Campus Sustainability Groups

The Student Organization for Sustainable Action (SOSA) is an active, student-run club that promotes and advances sustainability efforts on campus.  With events such as the Annual Sustainability Forum at PhilaU (in partnership with USGBC Students), SOSA educates the university community about sustainable activities and organizations in the Philadelphia region and offers information on resources such as organic food stores, sustainable organizations and co-ops. SOSA has recently been working to educate the campus community about the environmental, social, economic, and health impacts of the bottled water industry and the alternatives to bottled water.

For more information contact Tom O`Neill.


USGBC Students of PhilaU, affiliated with the U.S. Green Building Council, recruits, connects and equips future green building leaders by empowering them to improve their campus, community and career.  The chapter at Philadelphia University, founded in 2009, promotes sustainable building, advocates for green-building policies and builds networks of allies where it matters most - in the local community Chapter members raise awareness of LEED and green building practices through education, outreach and advocacy. Past projects and activities have included participation in the Campus Conservation NationalsAnnual Sustainability Forum at PhilaU (in partnership with SOSA), parking day, Green Apple Day of Service, tours of local green buildings, and networking events.

Please read USGBC Students of PhilaU Constitution and Bylaws, and check out group`s annual calendar of events.

For more information contact Jon Vehlow.


After a decade long business relationship with many energy related successes, Honeywell invited Philadelphia University to be its beta site for the development of its new interactive Sustainable Education Awareness Program for Higher Education trademarked Act!Earth. The original PhilaU press release for Act!Earth can be read here. Each academic year, Honeywell sponsors a Philadelphia University graduate student as a paid intern to facilitate this program.

Sustainability Committee of PhilaU

Over the past few years sustainability has blossomed on campus in all aspects while becoming much more integrated and interactive. In response to that, we have evolved to a sustainability steering committee structure with representation from operations, administration, public relations, graduate and undergraduate faculty from all three colleges, student group representation including the Student Organization for Sustainable Action (SOSA), and a graduate intern.  

The sustainability steering committee is now chaired by Geoffrey Cromarty, VP of Administration / COO. Tom Schrand is the primary faculty representative of the undergraduate program in Environmental Sustainability, and Rob Fleming represents our graduate sustainability programs. Student organizations are also represented. It's member count adjusts but is nominally around 12. Meeting of Sustainability Committee take place on the monthly basis.

For more information or questions please send us an email.