Landscape Design

Campus Landscape Master Plan 

The University is a consolidation of lands that were, at one time, estates to some of Philadelphia’s wealthiest families. This is has enabled the University to inherit a gorgeous canopy of large specimen trees, as well as a vast variety of plants and shrubs.

The University moved to this site from downtown in 1949.  At that time we were a campus of 12 acres of land with one new building (Hayward), an existing mansion (Reichlin) and a few out buildings - only one of which remains today (Gate 1).

Today our East Falls campus consists of over 100 acres along with dozens of buildings that range in age from the 18th century to the 21st. Many buildings were built by the University, but in some cases the land and buildings have been re-purposed a number of times over the years prior to the University’s ultimate acquisition. 

The 2012 Landscape master plan documents an understanding of our campus landscape as it exists today, and then establishes criteria going forward that will allow for standards and practices that coincidentally make our campus more cohesive in nature, while demonstrating best management practices related to the maintenance and performance of the various campus landscape areas.

Derck Edson Associates, a nationally renowned planning and landscape firm from Lancaster, PA was been contracted to help administer the process. APPA`s “Operational Guidelines for Educational Facilities: Grounds”, which uses the National Recreation and Park Associations “Park Maintenance standards” as a basis for the landscape maintenance program used on campus. A steering committee was established along with several sub-groups including administrators, faculty and students for informational gathering. The completed Landscape Master Plan with campus zones and future planning applications was completed in 2012.

Campus Landscape Zones

Campus Landscape Maintenance Standards (in progress)