Educating For Sustainability

Philadelphia University was one of the first universities in the nation to offer sustainability-specific degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, which has allowed these two programs to complement each other and to provide courses and opportunities for sustainability education for the broader PhilaU community.




 M.S. in Sustainable Design

Developed by a group of the country’s top sustainability practitioners and experienced sustainability professors, the M.S. in Sustainable Design is an award-winning program that fuses design and industry. The curriculum transcends disciplines and cultures with respect to the interconnected nature and constant evolution of sustainable practice. Students build problem- solving skills to develop market-driven innovations and to be leaders in economic, environmental, and societal sustainability for the 21st century global community.


 4+1 B.S. in Interior Design and M.S. in Sustainable Design

The Interior Design and Sustainable Design departments have teamed up to create an accelerated option for obtaining the two degrees  B.S. in Interior Design and M.S. in Sustainable Design in just five years, in lieu of the standard six years.  This is a natural partnership between two allied disciplines in the College of Architecture and the Built Environment and an exciting opportunity to build a valuable and unique educational resume and obtain an advanced degree.

 1+1 M.S. in Sustainable Design and  M.S. in Construction Management

1+1 M.S. in Sustainable design and M.S. in Construction Management is a unique option for students with a passion for both sustainable design and construction practices. This 1+1 degree option provides a means for students to fully explore both disciplines in as little as two years resulting in the award of both degrees.

 B.S. in Environmental Sustainability

The B.S. in Environmental Sustainability prepares students for careers as sustainability professionals. Drawing upon Philadelphia University’s strengths in professional education, this groundbreaking program equips students with the skills and vocabularies to bridge the multiple disciplines—architecture, design, business, engineering and policymaking—necessary to produce environmentally sustainable operations for communities, businesses and organizations. Our graduates are innovative problem solvers with the interdisciplinary training necessary to build the sustainable societies of the future.


 Bachelors of Landscape Architecture

The Bachelors in Landscape Architecture (BLA) prepare students to address environmental problems through sustainable urban planning, design and restoration. Students learn to innovate, collaborate and create outdoor environments that reconnect people with nature, encourage healthy lifestyles and tackle climate change and natural disasters. Incorporated hands-on experiential learning increases students’ design creativity, knowledge and skills to become engaged citizens and professionals who want to solve the pressing problems of today’s world.


Sustainability and Climate-Related Academics

The University has a wide collaboration network with corporate partners within its Nexus Learning Initiative, which helps engage students in development of multi-disciplinary real-life projects. The University offers an online Graduation Certificate in Sustainable Practices Program, which is oriented towards working professionals seeking to advance their professional interests with the focus on sustainability. Moreover, credits in the program are fully transferable to the M.S. in Sustainable Design Program, suggesting options to obtain a nationally recognized and highly valued graduate degree.