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Diversity and Social Justice

OSE Diversity & Social Justice Statement 

Honoring the Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) mission to prepare students for successful career paths in an ever evolving global marketplace, the Office of Student Engagement acknowledges the importance of Diversity and Social Justice education in contributing to that success. Hence, the Office of Student Engagement commits to provide programming that empowers students to become inclusive, global citizens. Students will:

Explore individual differences (e.g. life experiences, learning & working styles, personality types, physical ability, etc.) and social differences (e.g. race, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religion, culture, political views, etc.).

Reflect on personal beliefs, the value of differences, and the impact their beliefs and experiences have on and within their local and global communities coupled with a willingness to evolve.

Act to bring awareness to and/or address issues of social injustice within their local and global communities.​