Spiritual Development

Spiritual development refers to those motions of living that enlarge our souls and spirits. It includes:

  • Developing a greater connection to ourselves, others and the world
  • Deriving meaning, purpose and direction in our lives 
  • Opening to the presence of the sacred
  • Knowing what we care passionately about and learning how to bring those dreams and values to our work, relationships and community
  • Discovering and healing the hurts and habits that prevent us from living fully
  • Taking time for reflection and nurturing our sense of wonder, awe and gratitude

Throughout history, religion has provided people with the stories, symbols and community for spiritual awakening and expression. For those students who grew up in a religious tradition, the college years are a time when students may take the opportunity to:

  • Discover the aspects of their faith that are important to them
  • Question their religious heritage and its relevance to their lives
  • Learn about and appreciate the wisdom of traditions other than their own
  • Connect with other students asking similar questions

Student Involvement Opportunities 

The university also has student run faith groups that work with the Office of Spiritual Development to sponsor activities and to provide community and support for interested students. These groups include:

  • Interfaith Council (multi-faith)
  • Cornerstone (non-denominational Christian) [Cornerstone Facebook]
  • Access to Multi-campus Hillel (Jewish) Contact Daniella Rosen for more information.
  • Minaret (Muslim)