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Photo ID's


I’ve recently changed my name – do I need to pay for a new card with the new name on it? You will not need to pay for a new card.  Simply provide the staff member with legal documentation confirming the change and they can reprint your campus card with the new name.  You’ll trade you old card for a new one.

I came here earlier to buy a new card and I just recently found the old one.  Can I get my money back? The payment is non-refundable.

Why doesn’t my card get me into the gym?  It works everywhere else… Before you are allowed access into the gym, you are required to complete a liability waiver that the Gallagher Center will keep on record.  If you have already completed the waiver and are still unable to access the gym, it is possible that the access was not yet applied to your card.  Contact the Director of the Fitness Center to follow up.

When I go to swipe at my residence hall, my picture doesn’t show up.  Do I need a new card? You don’t need a new card.  The pictures need to be loaded into the system that displays the images, and it sometimes takes a while for that to happen.  Rest assured that it is not a card issue, so there is no need to replace it.

When I swipe at the Dining Hall, they say that my meal plan isn’t showing up.  Why is that? In a situation like this, the first step is to make sure that you do, in fact, have a meal plan this semester.  The easiest way to do that is to contact the Residence Life office.  It may be on their records that you have one, but it may have not been applied.  At Residence Life, they should be able to apply the meal plan to your account.

Where do I go for a temporary ID card? Temporary cards are no longer issued.  Because you are able to get a replacement card from the Kanbar Campus Center’s Welcome & Information Desk until midnight every night, temporary cards don’t serve a purpose.

I just got a new card and I still can’t get into my building/the gym…how come? When you lose a card and have to get a replacement created, the old card is deactivated.  The new card is activated automatically overnight.  This ensures that there is only one working card for your account.  Your money and meal plan will transfer to the new card immediately, but swipe access to buildings will work the following morning.

Where can I get my card and when can I do it? Campus cards are created at the Kanbar Campus Center’s Welcome & Information Desk during the building’s hours of operation.  Those hours are regularly 7:30a to 12a, Monday through Friday, and 12p to 12a on weekends.  These hours are subject to change for holidays, weather issues, or emergency closings, so check your email or visit the Student Activities website for any updates.

How do I put money on my campus card? Your campus card not only grants you access into buildings on campus and serves as an identification card, but it can also be used as a debit card to be used at dining facilities and the Campus Store.  You are able to add money to the card in a few ways: online at http://campuscard.philau.edu; in person at the cashier’s window in the Business Office, Monday through Friday, during posted hours; by phone, calling the Student Accounts office at 215.951.5988 with credit card information; or though credit balance from Financial Aid.

I am teaching a class in/have an office in (insert building name here), but my card won’t let me in.  Why?  If you are supposed to have access to an academic outside standard class hours and your campus card doesn’t work to get you in, the problem is most likely with the clearances assigned to your card.  Campus cards are automatically programmed with very basic clearances and anything outside of that must be requested and arranged.  In cases like these, have someone in your office/department that is able to confirm your position and need for access (administrative assistant, supervisor, etc.) contact John McAloon of Safety & Security to have the access granted.  There are many situations where when the initial work order is submitted to have a user account created, that information is included to ensure the account has all of the appropriate clearances.  If that doesn’t happen Safety & Security can have them assigned to your card.

Some Things To Remember:

  • Like credit cards or bank cards, your campus card can get demagnetized depending on where it is kept.
  • Cards may stop working if there are nicks, scratches, or fading to the magnetic stripe.
  • Lost cards are replaced for a $25 fee, by cash, personal check, or declining balance.  Cards that are damaged through natural means (general wear and tear) or cards that no longer work are replaced for free only if the old card is turned in.

Photo ID Policies and Procedures

The campus card can be used to buy meals, make photocopies, and purchase supplies and books. It also serves as your University photo I.D., library card and campus activity card. The Campus Card is a debit account.


The following are different ways to make deposits on your Campus Card account:

  • The cashier’s window in the Business Office is where you can make your deposits in person, Monday through Friday, during posted hours.
  • Mail your deposit using the form on the Campus Card brochure.
  • Visit  https://campuscard.philau.edu  to add money online
  • Call the Student Accounts office at 215.951.5988 with credit card information.
  • Credit balance from financial aid.

When making a payment please indicate Campus Card payment along with the student’s identification number.

A minimum of $20 can be placed on the campus card. Funds will be available in your account by 9 a.m. on the next business day after receipt.

To withdraw or credit an ending balance:

Any debit account balance remaining at the end of the academic year will be credited to your student account. Any resulting credit will be refunded to you. 

How to get a Campus Card:

All students, faculty and staff are required to have the card as photo identification at the University.  The cards can be taken at the Welcome and Information Desk in the Kanbar Campus Center during regularly scheduled building hours.

Freshmen Campus Card photos will be taken during summer START. All other students, faculty and staff can have their photos taken during the school year.

Existing Campus Cards are valid for the duration of the student’s, faculty’s, staff’s time at the University. They do not need to be replaced year-to-year.

What is required to get a Campus Card:

Proper Identification is required to obtain a photo ID. No exceptions are made.

  • Students must present one of the following:
    • Current registration or class schedule.
    • Paid receipt for the current semester.
  • Employees must present  one of the following:
    • Employee verification which can be obtained from the HR department located in Archer hall.
    • A copy of a class syllabus.
    • Verification from a department head.


Commuter stickers are available at the Kanbar Information Desk.

Residence Hall stickers are available through the Residence Assistance (RA).

Replacement of the Campus Card:

There is a $25 replacement fee for lost or replaced cards.

  • The fee is waived when:
    • The information on the ID is incorrect or has been changed.
    • The ID / Magnetic strip is not functioning properly.
    • The ID is stolen. A confirmation of theft is required. This can be proven with a police report.
  • The $25 fee is not waived when:
    • If the ID is damaged do to unnatural causes. This includes stickers interfering with the magnetic strip of holes being punched in the ID.
  • The $25 fee can be paid at the Kanbar Information Desk in cash, money order or by check made out to “Philadelphia University. The fee can also be paid at the Cashier’s Window in Archer Hall and the receipt must be brought with you when getting your replacement ID. Those individuals without cash or a check and in need of an ID after the scheduled hours of the Cashier’s Window can fill out paperwork to have the fee charged to their account. Please check with the Kanbar staff on duty.

Important numbers:

  • Contact OIR at x4648 for your printing privileges on your replacement card.
  • Contact Student Accounts at x5988 for any questions regarding money on your card.
  • Contact Athletics at x2906 for issues with access to the Gallagher Center.