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Doctor of Management in Strategic Leadership

About the Program

About the Program

Strategic Leadership, the integrated application of strategy and leadership, manifests in individuals as the capacity to anticipate, envision, and maintain flexibility, and empower others to voluntarily make effective decisions and to create strategic change as necessary.

The three-year Doctor of Management in Strategic Leadership program creates a community of mid- and senior-career professionals in which each participant can grow, learn and develop as an organizational leader, consultant, entrepreneur, scientist, researcher and educator.

Since knowledge is broadly distributed and learning exchanges occur among many situations and communities beyond academia, the curriculum draws upon cognitive experiences, action-learning, and coach-and-mentor reflective experiences making it the model for professional doctoral education for the 21st Century.

Designed by doctoral students, faculty, corporate, government, and not-for-profit stakeholders, this distinctive program uses conceptual, experiential and reflective learning to meet the complex educational needs created by the ever-evolving workplace, the rapid expansion of knowledge underlying practice, the increases in technological advances, and the cultural diversity of the global workplace.

Invited into the Strategic Leadership community are students, faculty, organizational leaders and mentors who are motivated to develop capacities to effectively navigate situational, organizational and dynamic complexity, and apply tools leading to creative and innovative outcomes.

By creatively integrating and bridging interdisciplinary knowledge of critical concepts with applied community and industry projects of consulting, research and executive education culminating into a doctoral thesis, the Strategic Leadership program prepares graduates to effectively navigate complex global contexts and environments.

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Doctor of Management in Strategic Leadership

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