Parking at Jefferson - East Falls Campus

Information provided on these web pages has been established to protect the safety of faculty, staff, students and visitors, and to control motor-vehicle traffic and parking on campus to ensure that University business may be conducted in an orderly manner. The act of parking or driving a motor vehicle on campus is a privilege and constitutes acceptance by the owner and/or operator of the responsibility to see that his/her vehicle is neither operated nor parked in violation of these regulations or any regulations/laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Please follow links at left or below to learn more about Parking on Campus, how to register your vehicle, or even how to pay fines.

Note that parking policies and regulations are included in the University's Parking Brochure.

  • How to Register Your Vehicle
    1. Step One: Get Your Colleague ID
      (and then follow instructions for how to proceed to iparq)
    2. Step Two: Proceed to iParq and follow all instructions (***CLICK THE LINK FOR AN iParq Vehicle Registration Tutorial)***). Please be sure to print out your temporary permit at the end of the transaction and place it on the vehicle’s dashboard. Also, be aware of the temporary permit’s expiration date, listed at the top of it.
    3. Step Three: Faculty and Staff: once you have completed the registration process, your permit will be sent to you via campus mail.  Student permits must be picked up at the Office of Safety and Security. Please be aware that first-year resident students with 29 or fewer credit hours at the beginning of the term are not permitted to have a vehicle on campus without approval.
  • Parking Brochure (Downloadable PDF, including parking policies and regulations & campus map)
  • LEED Certified Vehicles
  • Pay Parking Fines Online