Mott Hall

Mott Hall

Mott Hall is a three-story building in traditional hall style on Ravenhill Campus. Mott is coed by floor, housing women on the first floor, men on the second floor and women on the third floor.  Mott offers a variety of singles, doubles, triples and quads. The building features common-area bathroom facilities and a free laundry facility.  Mott is connected to the Ravenhill Chapel and Mansion, sharing a breezeway with seating, tables, television and wireless network capability.

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Apartments/Rooms (Amount)
Singles, Doubles, Triples, and Quads
Bathrooms Community style on each floor
Bed Size Extra long (36" X 80")
Bed Type Loftable, Bunkable, or Traditional setup
Cable TV Option One connection per room
Ethernet Connection One port per resident

Floor Covering in Rooms


Furniture (Provided)

Bed, Desk, Desk Chair, Dresser and/or Wardrobe

Heating & Cooling Systems

Heating in rooms, regulated by thermostat in zones;
Kitchen Facility Not available
Laundry Facilities Available on 2nd floor
Lounges 3rd floors
Staffing 2 Resident Assistants
Vending Machines Located in Ravenhill Mansion entrance
Window Treatments Blinds