Student Voices


The mission of Student Voices is to create the condition for productive and regular student feedback in program planning and development in the University. It is a collaboration among students, faculty and administration to uncover opportunities for improving the curricular and co-curricular life of the campus. The goal is to create student agency in their educational experience and to make student voices integral to the culture of continuous improvement at the University.


  • Amplify student voice in planning on campus
  • Increase student engagement in PhilaU
  • Heighten student participation in campus life
  • Increase student awareness of the development of their identity and voice during their growth/education/learning at PhilaU on campus (voice, opinion)

Types of students:

“Involved” students or “the faces of PhilaU”– RA’s, LEAD, Rambassadors, START leaders

“Focused” students (majority) = students focused on their major or athletics.

These are opinionated students but they are not sure how to relay that message or opinion.

“Disengaged” students = those who do not feel connected to the University

What are we doing?

We are creating conversations to:

  • Discover opportunities for improvement in student experience
  • Engage student feedback for use in:
    • Designing new curriculum and program development
    • Creating new systems and services for students
    • Improving student support and needs