With the help of direct, open communication between faculty and the University, we have had many accomplishments over recent years in spite of the difficult environment for higher education.

The University stays informed of adjunct faculty experiences and needs through surveys of part-time faculty, surveys and interviews of coordinators and program directors supervising part-time faculty, and open town hall style sessions.

It is our goal to identify the issues most prominent in your minds and to forge a path forward that will ensure Philadelphia University is a unique and rewarding place to work. Please do not hesitate to take advantage of our open-door policy and share your perspectives with us.

Many changes have been made over the past few years, including:

Pay: Due to sound fiscal management, the University was able to fund raises and/or bonuses to part-time faculty, including in December 2015.

Benefits: The University has expanded benefits for part-time faculty members such as partial tuition remission and free parking.

Opportunity for advancement: The University has often hired excellent part-time faculty to fill advertised full-time positions.

  • For example in the College of Science, Health and Liberal Arts, more than 32 percent of full-time faculty started at the University as part-time adjunct professors or clinical preceptors.
  • The College of Architecture and the Built Environment, 46 percent of full-time faculty started at the University as adjunct professors. Out of the 30 new faculty hires in the past one-and-a-half years, 17 have been adjunct or visiting professors at the University.
  • The addition of the lecturer positions is offering another avenue for full-time employment, and to date, all five lecturer positions have been filled from the University’s part-time faculty ranks.
  • The University offers some multi-semester contracts.

Professional development: All faculty development activities are open and advertised to part-time faculty. The University and Colleges have been able to offer some funding for professional development to part-time faculty. In addition, Nexus Learning Grants have been awarded to part-time faculty. 

Resources: The Colleges have been working with the Office of Information Resources and the library to ensure that part-time faculty have access to similar resources as full-time faculty. Physical Plant in the past year has upgraded office space used by part-time faculty. The University has designated specific parking spots for part-time faculty.

Course cancellation: The University has developed a course cancellation reimbursement policy for adjunct faculty.

Voice and engagement: Faculty meetings are available to adjunct faculty participation through Adobe Connect. The provost and the chair of the faculty are dedicated to finding methods to increase engagement of part-time faculty.