Academic Growth Plan

Academic Growth Plan: 2011-2016


The Academic Growth Plan is a university-wide, comprehensive, integrated planning process intended to advance the institution through the creative and collaborative development of distinctive programs that support the Strategic Plan, as well as drive enrollment growth.

What will the academic growth plan do?

The plan will plot enrollment expansion in existing and new programs over the next 4-5 years. In the past academic program planning has been predominantly ad hoc. However, at this point in the evolution of the University, it is crucial to conduct comprehensive, integrative planning that builds our strengths, drives the Strategic Plan, and provides consistent and dependable tuition revenue for investing in additional full-time faculty and academic programs.

What product will our planning produce?

We will establish a solid two-year program development pipeline with a projection for a third-year. Our goal is to launch 2 new or existing growth-enhanced programs for the fall of 2012, three for the fall of 2013, and an additional 3 for 2014.