Responsibilities of the Provost

Provost Matt Baker oversees all educational programs, academic policies, faculty affairs and development, and promoting University scholarship and research. The Provost provides leadership to the Deans and the Directors of academic support services to ensure that the educational programs and offerings are consistent with the University's vision, mission, and values. The Provost is also charged with advancing the initiatives of the University’s Award-Winning Strategic Plan.

The Provost is a senior member in the President's administrative cabinet. The President and Provost operate in a close partnership with each other and members of the President’s Council and Provost’s Council. In working with the academic community, the role of Provost is to translate the strategic direction sanctioned by the President and Trustees into academic plans, new and restructured programs, and academic procedures.

The Provost at Thomas Jefferson University is also Dean of the Faculty. In this role, the Provost is the spokesperson and advocate for the faculty, and its representative to the President and President’s Council. As the Dean of the Faculty, the Provost is the person to whom the faculty can turn for mentorship and guidance.

Some specific academic oversight responsibilities of the Provost and Dean of the Faculty include:

  • Fostering excellence in the schools, departments and programs
  • General direction of curriculum planning
  • General direction of academic support programs
  • Development of plans and budgets for academic programs
  • Appointment and evaluation of academic administrators
  • Oversight of faculty promotion, tenure, and contract reviews
  • Oversight of faculty development