Ph.D. in Textile Engineering and Sciences

About the Program

The goal of the Textile Engineering and Science Doctor of Philosophy program is to educate textile engineers who combine theory, practice, scholarly research and application of knowledge in their chosen professions. It is expected that graduates of the doctoral program will pursue careers in basic and applied research in industry, government or university settings. Graduates will contribute original research and scholarly publications in the fiber and textile fields.

The doctoral program in Textile Engineering and Science emphasizes not only depth in fundamental textile engineering and science/mechanical engineering disciplines, but also an interdisciplinary approach to understanding technologies in which textile engineers and scientists can and should take a leading role. It is this combined emphasis on fundamentals, the ability to think and work outside ones area of expertise and the ability to frame complex problems that best defines this doctoral program. Students will propose a textile engineering and science problem of substance and will then develop a solution. Students must demonstrate the ability to apply scientific principles to meet engineering needs with due regard to social and economic factors and within a reasonable time constraint.

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