Program Highlights

The Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferso University) East Falls Campus MSOT Program provides multiple opportunities to prepare students for fulfilling real-world practice. As a component of the curriculum, students engage in innovative educational experiences, inter-professional projects, and diverse fieldwork and volunteer opportunities, all of which prepare graduates for successful careers.

Real-World Projects

Within the academic program MSOTstudents collaborate with students from a variety of other disciplines to design adapted solutions for people living with disabilities or performance challenges. Students gain invaluable experience by consulting and collaborating with their peers in industrial design, architecture, and interior design programs, as they learn to view their client's challenges armed with a unique perspective and expanded knowledge base.

For the capstone project, students integrate evidence with clinical and professional reasoning and present their capstones to relevant stakeholders.


Fieldwork provides students with clinical opportunities to practice skills and professional reasoning, evaluate career interests, and make the important transition from learning to practice.

  • Level I: Part Time
    Students complete multiple Level I fieldwork experiences concurrent with assessment and intervention coursework. These clinical and community placements provide opportunities for structured interaction with clients under the guidance of a practicing professional.

  • Level II: Full Time
    After six semesters, students begin two 12-week fulltime Level II fieldwork rotations. The expectation of Level II fieldwork is that the student functions as an entry-level therapist who is responsible for implementing therapy sessions and carrying a full caseload of clients. Students are supervised by an OT, but responsible for their own client caseload.

Student OT Association

The Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) is a subdivision of the Association of Student Delegates, a component of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA). OT students work under the direction of a faculty advisor to engage in volunteerism and advocacy projects for the program, community and the profession as follows:

  • Supporting and facilitating student success
  • Increasing the awareness of and appreciation for the profession in the community
  • Providing a university forum for the exchange of ideas related to occupational therapy
  • Raising funds for participation in national and state-level professional association activities, such as conferences
  • Supporting national issues by sending a student delegate to the annual AOTA conference

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