The Jefferson “X FACTOR”

Industrial Design SPRINT

Sprint Project

BACK STORY: Every year Jefferson's industrial design students work together in a week-long "Design Sprint" for a real client like iHome or Innovative Office Products.

Meet Some Sprinters:

"Previous collaborative projects gave me the leadership and communication skills I needed to lead my design SPRINT team." - Sam Ryan, industrial design major; team project manager

"The main goal is for participants to see themselves in the context of design problem solvers and the power of a group sharing time and talent." - Mike Leonard, professor of industrial design and interim academic dean of the School of Design and Engineering


STUDENT TEAMS: The competition purposely teams industrial design freshmen through seniors to demonstrate the power of designers working together, sharing ideas and talents to quickly solve a problem.

PROJECT STAGES: Teams move from ideation and sketching to mock-ups and prototypes to a mid-week critique from the client company to final presentations all within one week.

ESSENTIAL SKILLS: "As a manager assessing the skills, availability and motivation of team members is important so that you know who will come through and who won't." - Kris Pepper, junior and team project manager

"Learning how to design for a client under time constraints." - Chris Boehmer, sophomore

SPRINT TEAM TAKEAWAYS: "The students get insights into the complexity of decision making within a corporate culture � the opportunities and constraints. The industry collaborator can probe new business models and scope out new market opportunities while getting a pulse on the incoming generation of professionals." - Gotz Unger, professor and director of the industrial design program

"It's really interesting that PhilaU involves alumni and others who know where we're coming from and what we're all about to make a road for us to ease into this world of how designers work outside the classroom." - Stefanie Safie / Junior and team project manager

"SPRINT is this hyper project. It boils a semester's worth of work down to one week." - Jake Frey, junior and team project manager