Landscape Architecture

Program Specs

The Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) professional degree conferred by the College of Architecture + the Built Environment at Jefferson is accredited by the Landscape Architecture Accrediting Board (LAAB).

For Comprehensive Tuition, Board Rates & Fees, please see the Undergraduate Tuition and Fees section of the Student Accounts website.

Included in the comprehensive cost is use of the Paul J. Gutman Library, student center, gymnasium and athletic fields; admission to all on-campus athletic events and cultural programs, and subscriptions to student publications.

 For more information, contact the Office of Financial Aid at 215.951.2940.

Student Demographics
The BLA program currently has 19 students enrolled (Fall 2016); 37% female and 21% students of color.

Length of Program
The 4-year BLA program takes 8 semesters or 4 years to complete. Click here for the curriculum.  

Graduation and Retention Rates
Our revised BLA curriculum, which was launched in Fall of 2012, requires 8 semesters to complete the degree (4-year curriculum) vs. our previous 5-year curriculum that took 10 semesters to complete. 90-95% of students complete their degree within the specified time frame.

Our retention rate, as reported by Director of Institutional Research, has been 100%--this is retention rate is calculated at the university level and not specific to retention within the landscape architecture program. While some students leave the program, they find another major within the university. For fall 2016, there were 6 freshman students; one switched to another program in the University, but another student transferred in from another university, so the program retention rate was 100%.

Student Progress and Achievement
Through service-learning design studios, the student design projects have positively impacted many neighborhoods in the City of Philadelphia. For example, the student work has attracted attention from the Philadelphia Planning commission’s plans for the neighborhood of West Park in West Philadelphia. The Ridge Allegheny Hunting Park Civic Association plans to implement one of the student’s proposed parks and a developer is interested in pursuing conceptual ideas for a community center for a vacant lot. The students also have the opportunity to apply for grants with faculty. One such grant was for art installations on Philadelphia’s many vacant lots. Another grant was for a green trail through the Germantown neighborhood.

During 2016-2017 the following Landscape Architecture Students won awards:

Kathryn Miller, BLA ‘17, was named the PhilaU 2015 LAF Olmsted Student Scholar,
Kathryn Miller BLA ‘17, received the 2017 ASLA “Honor” Award
Penelope Segura BLA ‘17, received the 2017 ASLA “Merit” Award
Kathryn Miller, BLA ‘17, received the 2017 OLIN Prize for best capstone project 

Several upper level students have/had successful internships working for various private firms and the Philadelphia Water Department.

To request more information about the Landscape Architecture Program or to schedule a tour, please email Kimberlee Douglas, Director of Landscape Architecture, at, or call us at 215-951-0115.

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