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Creating Green Space through Urban and Social Innovation

Residents at the corner of Cecil Street and Kingsessing Avenue in the Kingsessing section of Philadelphia have something to smile about thanks to the combined efforts of faculty and students from Jefferson's Lab for Urban and Social Innovation (LUSI), the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge and Audubon Pennsylvania.

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Olin Prize for Design + Scholarship ($500 check and certificate)

Each year the landscape architecture faculty and OLIN select a graduating student that it feels is the “outstanding” student for that year. This year’s recipient is …

Kathryn Miller!  Katie is a very talented designer with a desire to make a difference with her design solutions.  Katie strives for creative solutions in her designs that are analytical and representative of the community in which she works.  All of her professors speak very highly of her as she is compassionate, caring and strives for the most sustainable and creative solution in all her studio designs.
Katie has taken advantaged of numerous opportunities to improve her knowledge of the profession as well as her professional skills. She has had several internships and employment in the field and is a very active student member of American Society of Landscape Architecture. She has been the Vice President for the past two years.   

Katie has a bright and exciting future in the profession!

American Society of Landscape Architects Awards

Each year the landscape architecture faculty nominate up to two graduating students to compete for Honor and Merit Awards. A jury of practicing professionals is selected to review the “lifetime” work of the two students. After a formal presentation to the group, the jury makes its decision. This year’s winner of the Merit Award is…

Penelope Segura

Penelope has demonstrated the highest level of academic scholarship and accomplishments in landscape architecture. She is self-motivated, responsible and a great collaborator who exhibits design excellence in all she tackles. Her ability to consider the ecological, social, economic and experiential aspects of a place are evident in her designs.  

Penelope is also one of our most well rounded students as she was instrumental in resurrecting our student chapter of the ASLA and has been active in Student life where she has used her minor in psychology to make the University a place where all feel welcome. She is a true leader and I have no doubt Penelope will make great contributions to the field of landscape architect!

This year’s winner of the Honor Award is…

Kathryn Miller

Katie is a highly talented and motivated individual who has excelled in all of her studies at the University. Katie is the rare student who gives 100% in all she does.  She has a passion for her work that is unprecedented and embraces our motto of ‘real projects plus real people equal real solutions. This is not always easy at the undergraduate level. But her ability to formulate meaningful connections between what she designs and its potential impacts on the community in which we work has exhibited a maturity I have not witnessed in many students.

She will make an excellent addition to our design profession!  

Olmsted Scholar

LAF’s Olmsted Scholars Program recognizes and supports students with exceptional leadership potential who are using ideas, influence, communication, service, and leadership to advance sustainable design and foster human and societal benefits.  This year’s winner is….

Kathryn Miller

Katie was a transfer student and what struck many of us was how sure she was that our college fulfilled everything she wanted to aspire to as a landscape architect.  She joined us and has never looked back. I was very pleased when she made her decision as has become an extremely active student within our college.

Katie has a strong commitment to community outreach and involvement. Her studio design projects over the last two years have largely focused on improving community health through design interventions that are not just physical but also mental and spiritual. Her recent design projects have systematically and holistically assessed the site and she has developed numerous design alternatives to ensure she advanced the most appropriate design to meet the needs of the community.  She is a strong designer, is proficient in numerous computer applications, is a team player and is highly regarded by her faculty and classmates.


Congratulations Katie!

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