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Noel Levitz Satisfaction Survey

At Philadelphia University, in preparation for strategic and master planning, we administered two national surveys from Noel Levitz. The Student Satisfaction Inventory was administered to a random sample of students across the institution. This study will help us understand not only how satisfied students are with a comprehensive set of institutional aspects, but also how important these aspects are to our students. The second study, the Institutional Priorities Survey, mirrors the Student Satisfaction Inventory, but is administered to faculty and staff. This study will help us identify the areas that faculty and staff view as important in terms of meeting student expectations as well as perceptions of how well we are currently meeting those needs. Using these two studies in concert, we will have a solid foundation upon which we can prioritize our efforts over the next five years. We encourage you to view the summary results below.

2015/16 Philadelphia University Reports

2012/13 Philadelphia University Reports

2009/10 Philadelphia University Reports


2006 National Student Satisfaction and Priorities Report