What is the International Peer Mentoring Program?

IPMP is a volunteer program which matches new, incoming international students with current students at Philadelphia University. Mentors provide support for their “mentee” prior to the student’s arrival, and throughout the first year. This support includes:

  • Developing a caring and supportive relationship
  • Helping mentees with culture shock
  • Helping mentees settle in after arrival
  • Introducing students to the PhilaU campus and city of Philadelphia
  • Continuing to contact and support students throughout their first semester and year. This may include meeting up for lunch a few times a week and attending campus sponsored activities.

How do mentors and students get connected?

  • Mentors are in touch with students by email prior to their PhilaU arrival.
  • Mentors and their fellow students meet during the week of the new International Student Orientation Program, which is held prior to the start of classes.
  • Mentors and mentees are in contact by email or phone about once a week or more if desired and meet in person at least once a month during the first year.

Why are peer mentors important?

New students coming to the United States from other countries can often feel overwhelmed. They need to speak in a language that is foreign to them, and navigate around a campus and city that they are not familiar with. In addition, they can often feel very lonely, not knowing how to meet others and make friends in their new environment. A mentor is a person that helps to ease the stress that a new student feels when they arrive at PhilaU. They help to make the new student feel welcome and help build the confidence needed to succeed academically and socially. Happiness and adjustment in the first year are closely linked with a student’s desire to continue in their program, so the mentoring role is of great importance!