Chancellor's Welcome

Dr Spinelli

Welcome International Students,

We are pleased and honored that you have decided to pursue educational opportunities with Thomas Jefferson University.

At Jefferson, our goal is to educate you to become an expert in your chosen field. Therefore, every student is unique and deserving of individual attention. Our students come from many different backgrounds; Jefferson is particularly lucky to have such a vibrant international student population, and we are proud of how it grows every year. At the time I am writing this message, Jefferson’s international students number over 250, come from 58 different countries and are enrolled in 39 different degree programs. This statistic emphasizes that our students are diverse not only because of their different countries of origin but also because of their varied academic and professional interests. Their engagement in all areas of the Jefferson community means that all aspects of Jefferson will continue to grow and transform.

The Thomas Jefferson University community believes in the shared opportunity of pursuing passions and goals in a comfortable, supportive environment that promotes 21st-century professional education. Just as Jefferson provides students with collaborative engagement with the real world, so too do we provide collaborative engagement across different cultures in an open-minded community.

Since your interest in Jefferson has brought you this far, I am confident that you possess the same wonderful qualities that our enrolled students offer our community. And as committed as we are to teaching international students the things they have come here to learn, we are also eager to learn from you. We want to learn about your families and hobbies, your country’s customs, your favorite foods. The collaborative environment at Jefferson encompasses the entire community; the entire Jefferson family is eager to get to know you.

Every one of you is important to us. Your passion and determination make Jefferson better. We have a place for you here, and we look forward to seeing you in it.

Best wishes,

Stephen Spinelli, Jr., Ph.D.