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Honors Program at PhilaU

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a platform for students to discover and pursue academic interests within a dynamic intellectual and socially vibrant community. 

What we do

The Honors experience is student-centered and promotes experimentation and innovation in teaching and learning. It brings together students from different majors to build peer groups that:

  • work across the professional landscape,
  • share a priority around academic achievement,
  • deepen intellectual engagement with faculty,
  • contribute to the social and academic life of the campus, and
  • advance collaborative, academic and professional pursuits.

We Value

We value collaborative opportunities that promote the development of:

  • Curiosity to pursue your own QUESTIONs,
  • Empathy to ADAPT with respect to diverse perspectives,
  • Confidence to ACT and apply knowledge in real-world conditions, and
  • Courage to CONTRIBUTE ideas that make a difference.


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