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Philadelphia University Honors at Jefferson

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a platform for students to discover and pursue academic interests within a dynamic intellectual and socially vibrant community. 

What we do

Philadelphia University Honors at Jefferson provides academically talented, driven and intellectually curious students substantive experiences in professional and multi-disciplinary tracks. Philadelphia University Honors at Jefferson assures direct and meaningful contact with faculty, outstanding peers and industry leaders. In addition to advising from top scholars, Honors students receive guidance about prestigious post-graduate scholarship opportunities. Honors courses focus on perfecting writing, presentation and overall communication skills, while providing a student-centered experience that promotes experimentation and innovation in teaching, learning and scholarship. It brings together students from different majors to build peer groups that deepen intellectual engagement with faculty and advance collaborative, innovative and professional pursuits.

We Value

We value collaborative opportunities that promote the development of:

  • Curiosity to pursue your own QUESTIONs,
  • Empathy to ADAPT with respect to diverse perspectives,
  • Confidence to ACT and apply knowledge in real-world conditions, and
  • Courage to CONTRIBUTE ideas that make a difference.


Student Spotlight

Kevin King '18

Kevin King, Class of 2018
Robbinsville, NJ

“I was attracted to the honors program as a way to further enhance my general education curriculum. I wanted to dive deeper into issues and topics of interest to me outside of architecture, and I used honors as a way to do that.”

“Being a part of the honors program and on the executive board of the Honors Student Association for two years jump-started my desire to be active and engaged in campus activities and student life. I have been able to leverage the honors curriculum to explore curricular and co-curricular options which have helped me grow personally and professionally, including involvement in community service and leadership activities as well as other professional honor societies.”