Resources for Students

Tutorial: working with your electronic portfolio

Here is a short video tutorial showing you how to access your Hallmarks Folio through our Blackboard site. It also explains how to upload samples of your work and how to post the reflective essays that accompany each sample.

How to upload artifacts to your Hallmarks Folio

Here are written step-by-step instructions for uploading your files into the Hallmarks Folio: Uploading Guide

Tips and rubric for writing your reflective essays

When you are ready to write a reflective essay to accompany one of your artifacts, you can use this assignment sheet and the grading rubric that goes along with it: Assignment Sheet and Rubric for Reflective Essays

Curriculum Maps

The links below provide details for each major at Philadelphia University, showing where in your curriculum you will be doing work that addresses the eight learning goals for the Hallmarks Program. Your work in these courses should produce artifacts that you can upload into your Hallmarks Folio.

College of Architecture and the Built Environment

Architectural Studies
Construction Management
Interior Design 2016 (2014 map)
Landscape Architecture

College of Science, Health and the Liberal Arts

Environmental Sustainability
Health Sciences (including HSci/PA and HSci/OT)
Law and Society
Psychology (including Psych/CTC and Psych/OT)
Pre-Medical Studies 2016 (2014 map)

Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce

Animation and Digital Media
Business and Fashion Merchandising and Management
Fashion Design
Graphic Design Communication
Industrial Design
Interactive Design and Development
Mechanical Engineering
Textile Design
Textile Materials Technology