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In 2005, Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf of Mexico.  Later that year, gas prices went to 3, 4 and 5 dollars a gallon in the U.S. The following year, Al Gore released caught the public’s attention when he released An Inconvenient Truth, linking human activities and increased carbon emissions to devastating climate change. Since then, developments in social media have given more power to the voices of conscious consumers and the millions suffering from climate change disasters. Leaders in all sectors of society are realizing that preserving the equilibrium of our planet through sustainable design is much less costly than dealing with the repercussions of a business-as-usual approach. Even so, in 2016, the concentration of CO2 in our atmosphere was 400 ppm, the highest in 3 million years. It was also the warmest year on record, marking the third year in a row with record-setting surface temperatures.

Go beyond green to learn about the sustainability values that will move us towards a more sustainable future. These graduate level courses are offered free. Read more about the courses. Check out the syllabus and learn how to obtain graduate credit in our FAQ.  


Associate Professor Rob Fleming is a LEED® Accredited Professional and a registered architect with over 20 years’ experience of teaching, research and practice in sustainable design. He is the co-creator and Director of the award winning Master of Science in Sustainable Design Program at Thomas Jefferson University. Rob is a Sustainability Fellow at Re:Vision Architecture in Philadelphia where he consults and facilitates integrated design charrettes. Professor Fleming is the author the book Design Education for a Sustainable Future published by Routledge/Earthscan.

The M.S. in Sustainable Design program has a track record of success in the green building industry and our work and students continue to be recognized with both awards and scholarships. 

National Institute of Building Sciences  2011 Best High Performance Building Initiative


United States Green Building Council 2009 Excellence in Green Building Education Award: Higher Education Category  Click here to visit the USGBC website.

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