Graduate Admissions Portfolio Submission

Read the portfolio submission instructions below before proceeding:
  • Please submit your application to PhilaU prior to submitting your portfolio.
  • The submissions box is below. Read all guidelines before submitting.
  • Please upload your portfolio as a single, multi-page PDF file, with a maximum size of 500mb.
  • Name your portfolio PDF file as follows:
    • Last Name_First Name_Portfolio.pdf
      (or Family Name_Given Name_Portfolio.pdf) Ex. Smith_John_Portfolio.pdf
  • Each project should be clearly explained and captioned within the PDF.
  • You are welcome to include Internet links and video content, as well as text and images, within the PDF file.
  • You will only upload one PDF.
  • Please DO NOT upload PowerPoint, Photoshop, JPEG or other file formats. PDF is the only accepted file format.
  • Should you have further questions, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at 215-951-2943 or

Portfolio Submission Box: