Amber Long '11 Endowed Scholarship

Amber Long

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"The challenges in life feed my ambition, and the research and hard work needed to turn those challenges into opportunities create the most gratifying experience of all. Fame can be overrated; loving what you do is priceless.” - Amber Long ‘11

On January 19, 2014, Amber Long ’11 was murdered during a robbery in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia. The Amber Long ’11 Endowed Scholarship will be awarded to future Architecture students at Philadelphia University, ensuring that Amber’s positive impact on PhilaU Architecture is everlasting.

Drawing of the Reichlin House by Amber Long

Amber graduated with a degree in Architecture in 2011 and loved designing sustainable buildings. She was part of the student team that won the grand prize for overall excellence in the 2009 Delaware Valley Green Building Council student design competition. Her winning design for a sustainable, cooperative food market was chosen from more than 90 entries from an impressive roster of international schools. Her thesis examined the role of environmental sustainability, economics, and consumer priorities in speculatively-built housing. In order to achieve her goals, she researched and explored many topics: residential real estate development, manufacturing, marketing, climatic information, sustainable systems and the needs and desires of clients. Her intense focus, dedication and work ethic could be seen in the impressive detail of her project. In addition to her focus on her own studies, Amber was engaged and genuinely interested in her classmates’ work and well-being. She was talented, passionate, generous of spirit and viewed architecture as a way to make a positive impact on the world.

A talented artist, Amber was commissioned to paint The Reichlin House during an internship with the President of Philadelphia University in her senior year. Her painting hangs in the dining room of the President's house.